Dance Style And Categories


**The following categories should not contain more than 3 acro tricks. An acro trick is where the hips pass over the shoulders. Front and back rolls and illusions are NOT considered acro tricks and are allowed in these categories


A routine consisting of ballet technique incorporating classical or contemporary ballet steps and movements.

Pointe Ballet

These routines must consist of pointe or toe technique while incorporating classical movement and steps. Classical or contemporary music may be used but pointe shoes must be worn.

Demi Character

A routine portraying a recognizable character or stereotype and must incorporate ballet technique and be set to classical style music. The character may be from a TV show, play, movie or stage play.


A routine incorporating lyrical or jazz movement with modern elements. Using unlimited personal style not associated with any specific dance technique. May or may not tell a story and involve balance, floor work and improvisation.


A routine consisting of jazz technique and performance. It Must not contain more than 3 acro tricks and/or overhead lifts.


A routine consisting primarily of tap technique using percussive footwork that marks out rhythmic patterns on the floor. Pre-recorded tap sounds are not permitted.


Routine should have a combination of jazz, modern and ballet while using balance controlled technique. The mood and feeling of the music should tell a story. No acrobatic or gymnastic tricks are permitted but front and back rolls are allowed. General lifts are permitted.


A routine consisting of modern technique, movement and choreography and should incorporate balance, control and extensions. Strong interpretation and expression of movements of the lyrics and/or music should be displayed.

Musical Theatre

Routine must portray a character through dance/movement and costume while telling a story. Lip synching and any form of dance are permitted. If dancers are singing for 50% or more of their performance, they must be in the Song & Dance category.

Song and Dance

A routine consisting of vocals and dance. No lip synching or lyrics in the music are permitted. Microphones are allowed. (If you require wireless headsets, your studio must supply and prepare set-up for the performance. Please allow ample time for set-up and testing prior to the performance.)

** The following categories may contain acro tricks.


A routine consisting primarily of acrobatic technique while using controlled moves such as walkovers, handstands, handsprings, chest rolls etc. An acro trick is such where the hips pass over the shoulders. Acro routines may contain gymnastic passes, contortion, flexibility and dance choreography.


This category must have a minimum of 12 dancers. The routine can incorporate any style of dance or acrobatics but must have a theme or story that is portrayed throughout the entire performance. Only one production per studio may be entered. All production numbers will compete against each other in their own category.

Hip Hop

This category uses contemporary dance which does not necessarily contain technical dance steps. Free-style, Funk, Hip-Hop, Break Dance and Street Dance are permitted. Dances should be age appropriate. (Please do not use music with explicit lyrics.)


A routine not appropriate for the above categories or is a combination of two or more dance categories. Folk/Ethnic routines should be entered in this category i.e. Irish Dance etc. A maximum of 5 acrobatic tricks allowed. This category may be combined with another category for Overalls.

**A penalty from each judge may be enforced or the routine may be "adjudicated only" at the Judges' discretion if the above guidelines are not met.

**Competitors may enter as many divisions as they wish but must never compete against themselves. In the case of Duets/Trios/Groups, the same group of dancers may not compete against themselves in the same category unless 50% or more of the participants change. If this is the case, they must either move up to the next age level or enter one of the performances as "Open".

*** due to insurance limitations, we do not currently allow aerial or gymnastic entries to compete at our events. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.